Record setting day for Sage Women's Tennis as Gators win!

Record setting day for Sage Women's Tennis as Gators win!

Latham, NY- The Sage Colleges' women's tennis team hosted the Knights of Mt. St. Mary College in non-conference match on Wednesday held at Tri-City Tennis Complex. The Gators topped MSMC, 6-3 on Wednesday afternoon to collect the team's 10th win on the season. The Gators wrap the 2017 season with a 10-4 record, tying the mark for most wins in a season at Sage for women's tennis. MSMC drops to 6-7.

Prior to the match Sage honored their 2017 seniors in conjunction with Senior Day. They are Samantha Dibbell (Hunter, NY/Tannersville Central), Lindsey Tolman (Little Falls, NY/Little Falls), and twin sisters Shanice Mendoza (North Plainfield, NJ/North Plainfield) and Shanessa Mendoza (North Plainfield, NJ/North Plainfield).

In doubles, the Gators got a pair of wins at No. 2 doubles as sophomore Abbey Clobridge (West Sand Lake, NY/Averill Park) and Shanessa Mendoza were an 8-2 winner. At No. 3 doubles, Shanice Mendoza and Tolman added an 8-0 win for give Sage a 2-1 lead heading into the singles play.

Sophomores Sammantha Montague (Glenville, NY/Scotia-Glenville) and Clobridge were winners at No. 1 and No. 2 singles for Sage, while sophomore Rebecca Jackson (Saugerties, NY/John A. Coleman) took the match fourth singles. Tolman added a win at No. 5 singles to help the Gators to the key win on Wednesday.

Jackson led the Gators in singles with her 10-4 record, while Montague went 9-5 in singles. Tolman and Shanice Mendoza added a 9-2 record with one another in doubles play. Clobridge and Shanessa Mendoza combined to go 9-3 on the season in doubles as the Gators enjoyed a successful season.

Wrapping his fourth season as the women's tennis coach at Sage, Tom Fashouer guided the team to            wins in 2017, marking his personal best showing with the team.  With the team's win on Wednesday, Sage collected 10 wins, which ties the program's mark for the most wins in a season.  The 2008 teams set the record for most wins in a season after going 10-5 with a 7-2 record in the Skyline Conference. Sages 2017 Gators tied the record for most women's tennis wins in a season (10) which was set by the 2008 Gators that went 10-5 overall and 7-2 in the Skyline Conference.

Tennis Match Results

Mount Saint Mary vs The Sage Colleges

10/11/17 at Tri-City Tennis (Latham, NY)


The Sage Colleges 6, Mount Saint Mary 3


 Singles competition

1. Sammantha Montague (SAGE-W) def. Carnovale, Michelle (MSMC-WT) 6-2, 6-4

2. Abbey Clobridge (SAGE-W) def. Capone, Antonietta (MSMC-WT) 6-4, 6-3

3. Clay, Victoria (MSMC-WT) def. Shanessa Mendoza (SAGE-W) 6-2, 6-0

4. Rebecca Jackson (SAGE-W) def. Vernon, Miyanna (MSMC-WT) 6-4, 6-0

5. Lindsey Tolman (SAGE-W) def. Quinn, Emily (MSMC-WT) 6-1, 6-1

6. Goetz, Jessica (MSMC-WT) def. Samantha Dibbell (SAGE-W) 6-0, 3-6, 10-8


 Doubles competition

1. Carnovale, Michelle/Clay, Victoria (MSMC-WT) def. Sammantha Montague/Rebecca Jackson (SAGE-W) 8-7 (7-4)

2. Abbey Clobridge/Shanessa Mendoza (SAGE-W) def. Vernon, Miyanna/Quinn, Emily (MSMC-WT) 8-2

3. Shanice Mendoza/Lindsey Tolman (SAGE-W) def. Capone, Antonietta/Lorenzo, Julia (MSMC-WT) 8-0


Match Notes:

Mount Saint Mary 6-7

The Sage Colleges 10-4

T-3:00  A-35 

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